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At Exceptional Dentistry at John's Creek, our goal is to provide you the best that dentistry has to offer in a way you have never experienced. We want to be your dental office for life. We want to remove all obstacles that stand in the way of you having healthy and beautiful teeth that will last a lifetime. We accept insurance, offer convenient payment plans, sedation and flexible hours. Why not call us today and experience for yourself what makes us so exceptional?

Dental Office in Johns Creek, GAWe provide general dentistry which includes check-ups and cleanings and when you need it, Dr. Connell can provide exceptional restorative dentistry. Dr. Connell remains up to date on the latest advances in dentistry. He takes hundreds of hours of continuing education yearly so he can treat your dental needs with the best that dentistry has to offer. He can offer choices with fillings. You can have the typical white composite (plastic) fillings or you can choose the most durable porcelain fillings which not only look good but helps you keep your teeth for a long time.

Dr. Connell is an expert with CEREC Same Day Crowns. He trains other dentists with this technology to complete porcelain crowns in one visit. There is no need for rubber molds (impressions) and no temporary crowns. When you leave the office the tooth is ready to use. Additionally, there are no ugly black lines often seen with conventional crowns. He is also able to perform veneers (laminates) with this technology. Many people who need a root canal with a crown can have the entire procedure completed in one sitting. Simply amazing.

Dr. Connell is a post-doctorate graduate of the Las Vegas Institute for Advanced Dental Studies. Very few dentists worldwide achieve this level of education. With this training, Dr. Connell is able to provide the best smile design (Extreme Makeover as seen on TV) possible with veneers (laminates). In just two visits you can have the whitest smile of your dreams. This education also led to his advanced training for TMD (or TMJ). He utilizes a neuromuscular approach to correcting worn teeth, grinding of teeth, headaches, neck pain and ringing in the ears.

Dr. Connell is also trained to utilize the Six Month Braces technique to help you straighten your front teeth within six months with cosmetic braces. For those who do not want to utilize the cosmetic braces, you can have your teeth straightened byOrthoClear (Invisalign) which utilizes clear plastic aligners that are invisible.

Dentist in Johns Creek, GAFor those who are scared of the dentist and want to be sedated, Dr. Connell provides Oral Conscious Sedation which is the safest way to be sedated for a dental visit. Most patients report they have no memory of their appointment and often sleep through the entire procedure. Dr. Connell also offers Nitrous Oxide (laughing gas) for those who prefer a lighter sedation for their appointments.

If you need your teeth whitened (bleaching) you can choose either the "in office" laser treatment (ZOOM) or custom fitted take-home trays with the most potent whitener available.

Other services include dental implants, root canals, veneers, same day crowns, CEREC, bridges, removable partial dentures, complete dentures, nightguards, and bonding.

Exceptional Dentistry wants to help those who do not have dental insurance afford the best dentistry. Not only do we offer very convenient payment plans (Care Credit, Springstone) we also offer an in-house discount plan (New Way Health). New Way Health reduces the total cost of your dental care by 30% with NO PLAN RESTRICTIONS or LIMITATIONS! unlike all other forms of insurance.

Dentist in Johns Creek, GADr. Connell accepts patients of all ages. He has extensive experience with pediatric dentistry. He wants children to enjoy coming to the dentist so he tries to make every visit as fun as possible. Dr. Connell is the only dentist in his practice and feels it is very important that he develops strong relationships with his patients to achieve trust and good-will for life. Dr. Connell will not sell you products but will recommend products to help you with your oral care.

So call today and take the first and best step toward optimal oral dental care, Exceptional Dentistry!

Dentist in Johns Creek, GA

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Dr. Judson T. Connell

Dr. Connell's advanced training and 20 years of private practice experience are addtional benefits offered atExceptional Dentistry at John's Creek. He has a reputation of establishing relationships with his patients and listening to thier needs or concerns. It is important to him that the patients are treated in the way they wish they could be treated in the dental office. Read More...