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How a Root Canal Can Eliminate Tooth Pain

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Discover the reason why you may need to get a root canal from Exceptional Dentistry at John’s Creek.

Ouch! Your tooth really hurts—will it just go away on its own? Unfortunately, the answer is no. Dental pain is often a sign that something is very wrong with the tooth. While in some cases it might mean you have a cavity, other times, our Johns Creek, GA, dentist, Dr. Judson Connell, may discover that the dental pulp, an internal soft structure made up of nerves, is inflamed and infected. This means that root canal treatment will be necessary to remove the aggravated pulp.

More About Root Canals

Contrary to the information you might find on the Internet, you cannot naturally treat tooth pain. Now, you might be able to dull or eliminate the pain temporarily, but you aren’t actually treating the source of the problem. In this instance, dental pain is trying to alert you to the fact that the dental pulp is infected or irritated. The only way to snuff out this problem is to have the pulp removed completely. Luckily, a fully developed tooth no longer needs the pulp in order to thrive.

Of course, if you are coming in complaining of dental pain, the goal is to eliminate the issue by treating the problem itself. Before our Johns Creek dentist even performs your endodontic procedure, though, he will first administer local anesthesia to the area. This numbing injection can be a major source of relief if you’ve been dealing with a severe toothache.

Now that the area is completely numb, we can get to work. We will drill through the outer layer of the tooth until we reach the inner chamber. From there, we will remove the pulp and disinfect the inside of the tooth to remove any harmful bacteria. We will also seal up the root canals to prevent another infection from occurring. Then, we will apply a material inside the tooth to help rebuild and strengthen it. Lastly, a dental crown will be placed over the tooth to protect and preserve the natural structure.

Once you undergo root canal treatment, the source of your toothache will have been removed. This means that the pain will not return. In some cases, patients even experience immediate relief after getting root canal therapy!

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