Judson T. Connell, DMD

Why Do People Get Veneers?

(Newswire.net -- January 31, 2020) -- “Why do people get veneers?” Maybe you have heard someone ask it, or you already asked this question to yourself. Well, many of us want to have a killer smile. Unfortunately, though, not many of us can have it without the help of cosmetic dentistry. Dental veneers are just one of the many options to... read more »

How a Root Canal Can Eliminate Tooth Pain

Discover the reason why you may need to get a root canal from Exceptional Dentistry at John's Creek. Ouch! Your tooth really hurts—will it just go away on its own? Unfortunately, the answer is no. Dental pain is often a sign that something is very wrong with the tooth. While in some cases it might mean you have a cavity,... read more »

Lasers Could Be The Future For Gum Disease Treatment

We’ve developed a number of effective treatments for periodontal (gum) disease. Depending on how far and deep a patient’s infection has advanced, treatment can be quite invasive and even require surgery. The more invasive, the longer and more uncomfortable the healing process can be. But using a medical laser could make that less so. Although its use for gum disease... read more »

No Need to Fret Over Implant Surgery

Are you interested in dental implants but a little hesitant about the surgery? Don’t be—this procedure to imbed an implant’s titanium post in the jawbone is relatively minor with little to no discomfort for most patients. Some time before, however, we’ll need to pre-plan the surgery to pinpoint the best location for the implant, critical to achieving a solid hold... read more »