As the new year approaches, people make plans year after year to adopt healthier habits that improve their physical and mental well-being. Have you ever thought about your dental health as a key part of your overall wellness? Here are some smart resolutions for your gums, teeth and smile. Visit Your Dentist This year, resolve...

In this video Exceptional Dentistry at Johns Creek wishes everyone a Happy and Prosperous 2019!

In this video our dental hygienist explains how consuming too much acidic beverages can be harmful to oral health.

On the big screen, Australian-born actress Margot Robbie may be best known for playing devil-may-care anti-heroes—like Suicide Squad member Harley Quinn and notorious figure skater Tonya Harding. But recently, a discussion of her role in Peter Rabbit proved that in real life, she’s making healthier choices. When asked whether it was hard to voice a character with a speech...

Discover the reason why you may need to get a root canal from Exceptional Dentistry at John's Creek. Ouch! Your tooth really hurts—will it just go away on its own? Unfortunately, the answer is no. Dental pain is often a sign that something is very wrong with the tooth. While in some cases it might...

Helping your infant or toddler develop good dental habits is one of the best head starts you can give them toward optimum oral health. But even after they’ve matured enough to handle hygiene tasks without you, they still need your guidance. This is especially true in the “tween” and teen years. Although they’re beginning to...

We’ve developed a number of effective treatments for periodontal (gum) disease. Depending on how far and deep a patient’s infection has advanced, treatment can be quite invasive and even require surgery. The more invasive, the longer and more uncomfortable the healing process can be. But using a medical laser could make that less so. Although...

Are you interested in dental implants but a little hesitant about the surgery? Don’t be—this procedure to imbed an implant’s titanium post in the jawbone is relatively minor with little to no discomfort for most patients. Some time before, however, we’ll need to pre-plan the surgery to pinpoint the best location for the implant, critical...

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